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Mirai Solar Torchlight

RM 120.00


Mirai ® is owns by Mirai Energy Sdn Bhd, they have more than 5 years of experience in solar field. Their team consist of experienced and dedicated professional that provide the best solar solution for you.

In Mirai ® , their products are utilized the latest technology and efforts to provide a solution for customer home or factory. Their product is environmentally friendly and natural. It can help customer save the consumption of electric up to 25-70%. They aims to deliver one-stop solar technology to save the energy cost in your home. In future, solar will be more important in our lifestyle whether to use for any purpose.


Headache when you want to use your torchlight but found out the battery was finished?!

Trying to find battery to replace but can't find any at home/office?

This solar torchlight give you hassle free from changing battery as it may recharge by solar or USB charger.

We provides a convenient and hassle free for you to keep a unit as emergency lighting at home/office, a ideal torchlight for hiking/camping, emergency light in car (the product comes with flash mode).


: SL 0007
: ABS Material
Solar Panel
: 10W/14V
: 3.7V/2200mA Li-on Battery
: 2W
Work Mode
: 1st Level: 5% brightness
  2nd Level: 33% brightness
  3rd Level: 66% brightness
  4th Level: 100% brightness
  5th Level: flash mode, duty cycle 50% 
Charging Time
: > 6 hours
Working Hour
: 20 hours for 1st level brightness
Product comes with power adapter for USB charging: 5V/1000mA

*Solar panel must be display in places where sunlight can be irradiated to recharge battery


Size     : Solar Panel 19cm x 14cm

              LED Tube 20cm x 3.1cm

Weight : 1.5kg


1 year